B. The Planning Process

The purpose of planning in Prince George's County is to provide guidance for the future physical development of the county. State law places the responsibility for developing the county's plans in The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

However, all plans must be approved by the Prince George's County Council before they are legally in effect.
  1. Plan Preparation

    The Prince George's County Zoning Ordinance stipulates a process which must be followed in preparing the General Plan, area master plans, small area plans and functional plans.

  2. Types of Plans & Their Characteristics

    There are 4 types of plans in Prince George's County. These are the General Plan and Biennial Growth Policy Plan (which is countywide in scope), area master plans and subregional plans (which pertain to particular geographical areas within the county), small area or sector plans (which address special issues in geographic areas that are smaller than a planning area), and functional plans (which are countywide in scope, but pertain to a single type of service or activity, such as schools, transportation, or public safety.

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