Health, Education and Human Services (HEHS)

Council Member Karen R. Toles serves as chair of the Council Committee on Health, Education and Human Services (HEHS) and Council Member Deni Taveras serves as vice chair.

Among the agencies, institutions and issues of concern to HEHS: The Prince George’s County Board of Education – Transfers and Budget Amendments; Prince George’s Community College; Citizens Complaint Oversight Panel; Dimensions healthcare Corporation (Certificate of Need Reviews); Board of Elections; Family Services-Americans with Disability Act related items); Health Department and all Board of Health issues; Human Relations Commission; Board of License Commissioners; the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System; and Social Services. The HEHS Committee meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m.


  • Karen R. Toles, Chair
  • Deni Taveras, Vice-Chair​
  • Mel Franklin
  • Andrea C. Harrison
  • Todd M. Turner

Agency/Issues Review Responsibilities

  • Community College
  • Citizens Complaint Oversight Panel
  • Dimensions Healthcare Corporation (Certificate of Need Reviews)
  • Board of Education (BOE) – Transfers and Budget Amendments
  • Board of Elections
  • Family Services – Americans with Disability Act related items
  • Health Dept. and all Board of Health Issues​
  • Board of License Commissioners
  • Library
  • Social Services
  • Others, if necessary​
  1. Sandra Eubanks

    Committee Director
    Phone: 301-952-5353

  2. Leroy Maddox

    Legislative Officer
    Phone: 301-952-3846

  3. Gloria Hall

    Administrative Aide
    Phone: 301-952-4525

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