Committee System

The Council has imposed upon itself a committee system which operates pursuant to the County Council Rules of Procedure. The committee system operates prior to the introduction of a bill, and when determined to be appropriate by a majority of the Council members present, after introduction to permit further study or modification to a bill. It should be noted that, notwithstanding the establishment of the committee system, the Council may waive the Rules of Procedure and alter the committee process for a particular bill and that the Charter permits any Council Member to introduce any bill on any legislative session day.

The Rules of Procedure provide for five standing committees: Health, Education and Human Services, Public Safety and Fiscal Management, Planning, Zoning and Economic Development, Transportation, Housing and the Environment and the Rules and General Assembly. Committee appointments and the designation of committee chairmen are made at the beginning of the Chairman's term of office upon the advice and consent of a majority of the full Council. At the time of presentation of a bill or at the introduction of a resolution, the Chair may refer the matter to one of the standing committees or to the Council sitting as a Committee of the Whole.

The chairman of each committee shall prepare and distribute an agenda of items to be considered at each committee meeting. A quorum of three members is required to convene and act.