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Notice of Public Hearings

The following public hearings will be held by the County Council pursuant to all applicable legal advertising and public notice requirements.  Citizen participation is encouraged and welcomed.  To be placed on the advanced speakers list, click the item of interest below or call
Advance registration forms are accepted until close of business on the day before; however, registration is also accepted on-site before the hearing.  Written statements may be submitted in addition to, or in lieu of, verbal testimony.
To be accepted, written testimony or comments must be original, signed copies.
E-mails or faxes will not be considered, unless followed by originals mailed to:
Office of the Clerk of the Council | County Administration Building | Room 2198 | Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Sept. 10, 2019 10:00 am CB-008-2019 (DR-2) - AN ACT CONCERNING REGULAR COUNTY HOLIDAYS - NATIVE AMERICAN DAY for the purpose of recognizing the history, culture, and accomplishments of Native Americans in Prince George's County and across the nation by renaming Columbus Day to Native American Day in Prince George's County.
    CB-011-2019 (DR-2) - AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING THE COUNTYWIDE SECTIONAL MAP AMENDMENT for the purpose of amending Section 27-1902 of the local zoning laws to clarify the intent of the District Council, via its enactment of Chapter No. 38, 2018 Laws of Prince George's County, Maryland, in order to maximize opportunities for the public to comment and otherwise submit testimony within a record of public hearing testimony, as specified by law.
    CB-014-2019 (DR-2) - AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING ZONING - DEFINITIONS - URBAN FARM for the purpose of amending the definition of “Urban farm” uses in the Zoning Ordinance to generally align with the corresponding definition of “Urban farm” within the proposed new zoning laws approved via CB-013-2018, being also Chapter No. 37, Laws of Prince George’s County, Maryland, and to permit the use in certain residential, commercial, and industrial zones in Prince George's County.
    CB-015-2019 (DR-2) - AN ACT CONCERNING LABOR AND SEX TRAFFICKING AND VICTIM PROTECTION for the purpose of including labor and sex trafficking references to accompany human trafficking references throughout various provisions in the County Code.
    CB-016-2019 (DR-3) - AN ACT CONCERNING LOCAL PROHIBITION OF HUMAN SEX AND HUMAN LABOR TRAFFICKING for the purpose of prohibiting human sex and labor trafficking in Prince George’s County.
    CB-017-2019 (DR-2) - AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING R-A ZONE for the purpose of permitting Townhouse and One-family detached dwelling uses in the R-A (Residential Agricultural) Zones of Prince George's County, under certain circumstances
    CB-021-2019 (DR-2) - AN ACT CONCERNING FOOD SERVICE MANAGER CERTIFICATION ISSUANCE TIME PERIOD for the purpose of revising the food service manager certification time period.
    CB-028-2019 - AN ACT CONCERNING ENERGY CONSERVATION REAL PROPERTY TAX CREDIT for the purpose of increasing the amount of the tax credit cap for real property for residential homeowners who utilize solar or geothermal energy conservation devices.
    CB-029-2019 (DR-2) - AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING R-T ZONE for the purpose of permitting townhouses in the R-T (Townhouse) Zone.
    CB-034-2019 (DR-2) - AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING INDUSTRIAL ZONES for the purpose of providing additional regulations for fences and walls in the Industrial Zones.
    CB-035-2019 - AN ACT CONCERNING AN INTERPROJECT TRANSFER OF APPROPRIATIONS IN THE APPROVED FISCAL YEAR 2019 CAPITAL BUDGET for the purpose of transferring appropriations to the Forestville Road/Rena Road, Public Safety Pier and Asbestos Ceiling Tile Replacement projects; decreasing appropriations to the Contingency Appropriation Fund project and Aging Schools; and amending the Approved Fiscal Year 2019 - 2024 Capital Improvement Program with regard to expenditures and financing beyond the budget year.
    CR-064-2019 - A RESOLUTION CONCERNING THE 2018 WATER AND SEWER PLAN for the purpose of adopting the 2018 Water and Sewer Plan and the 2018 Water and Sewer Category Maps, revising the fee schedule for administering Water and Sewer Plan amendments, and the purchase of maps and related materials.
Sept. 17, 2019 1:30 pm Appointment of the following individual to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission for Prince George’s County: Ms. Sandra L. Thompson
    Appointment of the following individuals to the Human Relations Commission for Prince George’s County: Mr. Nathaniel Bryant, Ms. Adonna Bannister Green, Ms. Wendi J Howard, Ms. Sylvia L. Johnson, Mr. Ademola Oduyebo, Ms. Andrea R. Price-Carter, Ms. Charlene D. Proctor, Mr. Joseph S. Reed, Ms. Felicia Lasley Sadler, Mr. Wade A. Woolfolk
Sept. 24, 2019 1:30 pm CR-070-2019 - A RESOLUTION CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF AN APPLICATION TO PRESERVE PROPERTY PURSUANT TO THE MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL LAND PRESERVATION FOUNDATION PROGRAM for the purpose of recommending that the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation approve the application of the Bonnie Breeze Farm Inc. Dwayne Catterton to permanently preserve the property.
Oct. 8, 2019 10:00 am CR-066-2019 - A RESOLUTION CONCERNING REDUCTION OF THE FEE FOR THE MOBILE UNIT FOOD SERVICE FACILITY IN THE TABLE OF FEES for the purpose of reducing the fee for the Mobile Unit Food Service Facility found in the Table of Fees.
    CR-068-2019 - A RESOLUTION CONCERNING THE CREATION OF A FOOD TRUCK HUB IN DOWNTOWN UPPER MARLBORO for the purpose of authorizing the creation of a Food Truck Hub in Downtown Upper Marlboro.
    CR-071-2019 - A RESOLUTION CONCERNING COUNTY REAL PROPERTY for declaring certain parcels of County-owned real property as surplus and approving the County Executive’s plan for disposal of such parcels.


In accordance with ADA requirements, accommodations for hearing impaired, disabled persons, and visually impaired persons can be provided upon reasonable notice to the Clerk of the Council. Sign language and interpreters for non-english speakers are available with advance notice by calling 301-952-3600.