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Notice of Public Hearings

The following public hearings will be held by the County Council pursuant to all applicable legal advertising and public notice requirements.  Citizen participation is encouraged and welcomed.  To be placed on the advanced speakers list, click the item of interest below or call
Advance registration forms are accepted until close of business on the day before; however, registration is also accepted on-site before the hearing.  Written statements may be submitted in addition to, or in lieu of, verbal testimony.
To be accepted, written testimony or comments must be original, signed copies.
E-mails or faxes will not be considered, unless followed by originals mailed to:
Office of the Clerk of the Council | County Administration Building | Room 2198 | Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Sept. 25, 2018 10:15 AM CB-66-2018 - AN ACT CONCERNING COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT - INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE FIGHTERS, AFL-CIO, LOCAL 1619 (FIRE FIGHTERS, PARAMEDICS AND FIRE FIGHTER/MEDICS) for the purpose of amending the labor agreement by and between Prince George’s County, Maryland and the International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO, Local 1619 (Fire Fighters, Paramedics and Fire Fighter/Medics), to provide for wages and certain other terms and conditions of employment for personnel classifications initially certified by the Prince George’s County Public Employee Relations Board.
Oct. 9, 2018 1:30 PM CB-16-2018 (DR-2) - AN ACT CONCERNING ANIMAL WELFARE for the purpose of providing for adequate care; providing for adequate shelter; providing for cruelty to animals; providing that there is no adequate shelter under certain conditions, during certain hours, during certain weather temperatures and weather conditions; providing the definition of companion animals; providing for the manner in keeping animals; providing for civil and criminal violations and penalties; and generally regarding animal welfare.
    CR-49-2018 (DR-2) - A RESOLUTION CONCERNING COUNTY REAL PROPERTY for the purpose of declaring certain parcels of County-owned real property as surplus, and approving the County Executive’s plan for disposal of such parcels.
Oct. 23, 2018 10:00 AM CB-14-2018 (DR-2) - AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING COUNTYWIDE MAP AMENDMENTS for the purpose of establishing procedures to reclassify all real property in the Planning Areas of Prince George’s County, Maryland through the comprehensive amendment of the Zoning Map.
    CB-15-2018 (DR-2) - (SUBDIVISION BILL) - AN ACT CONCERNING THE SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS OF PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY for the purpose of replacing the Subdivision Regulations of Prince George’s County, being also and the same Subtitle 24 of the County Code, with new Subdivision Regulations.
    CB-59-2018 - AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING VALIDITY PERIODS FOR DETAILED SITE PLANS AND SPECIFIC DESIGN PLANS for the purpose of temporarily extending the validity periods of all approved applications for Detailed Site Plans and Specific Design Plans that were in a valid status of January 1, 2018.
    CB-60-2018 - (SUBDIVISION BILL) AN ACT CONCERNING VALIDITY PERIODS FOR PRELIMINARY PLANS OF SUBDIVISION for the purpose of temporarily extending the validity periods of all approved applications for Preliminary Plans of Subdivision that were in a valid status as of January 1, 2018.
    CB-81-2018 - (SUBDIVISION BILL) - AN ACT CONCERNING PRIVATE ROADS AND EASEMENTS for the purpose of permitting the Planning Board to approve private roads and alleys in the C-M (Commercial Miscellaneous), C-S-C (Commercial Shopping Center), C-O (Commercial Office), I-3 (Planned Industrial/Employment Park), R-55 (One-Family Detached Residential), R-R (Rural Residential), and R-T (Residential Townhouse) Zones of Prince George’s County, under certain specified circumstances.
    CB-85-2018 - (SUBDIVISION BILL) - AN ACT CONCERNING SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS FOR THE PURPOSE OF INCORPORATING, WITHOUT SUBSTANTIVE CHANGE, CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS for approval of preliminary plan applications and the procedures for consideration of amendments to the Subdivision Regulations of Prince George’s County.


In accordance with ADA requirements, accommodations for hearing impaired, disabled persons, and visually impaired persons can be provided upon reasonable notice to the Clerk of the Council. Sign language interpreters are also available with advance notice by calling the Clerk of the Council at 301-952-3600.