Domestic Violence Grant Program

​“This County Council initiative is the start of a continuing offensive against the tragedy of domestic violence.  We reaffirm our commitment to joining the efforts of our entire community to comprehensively address the scourge of domestic violence…TOGETHER.”    Council Chairman Derrick Leon Davis

The Prince George’s County Council, committed to ending domestic violence and abuse in the County, has appropriated $500,000 in FY 2018 in a second round of grant funding to support the Council’s Domestic Violence Grant Program.   The grant program, is a funding resource for programs that serve the housing, counseling, or advocacy needs of County residents who are victims of domestic violence.   The program also supports prevention activities through a coordinated and collaborative community response to domestic violence in Prince George’s County.

FY 2018 Prince George’s County Council Domestic Violence Grant Program funds are available to nonprofit organizations through a review and evaluation process for all applicants.  




FY 2018 Pre Proposal Conference

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The purpose of the Domestic Violence Grant Program is to make available crisis and support services and meet the needs of victims of domestic violence and their families.   

The service categories are: 


Availability/accessibility of safe housing for victims of domestic violence


Focus on preventing family violence, domestic violence and dating violence


Availability/accessibility of domestic violence counseling for victims, children and


Availability/accessibility to domestic violence victim advocates

Applicants may submit an original application(s) in more than one category.