Ad-Hoc Housing Subcommittee


The Ad-Hoc Housing Subcommittee was created to assist and add comprehensive feedback during the implementation and study of the Comprehensive Housing Strategy process, and enacted by Council Resolution 13-2016 and extended by CR-91-2017.

The Ad-Hoc Subcommittee is comprised of five (5) Council Members, including the Chairs of the Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development (PZED) and Transportation, Housing and the Environment (THE) Committees, and conducts quarterly oversight meetings with the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Comprehensive Housing Project Team.  

The final Comprehensive Housing Report is due to the County Council and the County Executive by October 2018.


The purpose of the Council's Ad-Hoc Housing Subcommittee is to provide critical and valuable feedback and oversight that can best inform the Comprehensive Housing Strategy to ensure that the plan is truly representative and addresses the needs of the diversity of residents in the County. A sampling successful accomplishment of the expected goal would be to provide a variety of quality and diverse housing choices to meet existing and future needs of a diverse population and demographic; suggest new or revised housing policy and program tools; provide quality, secure, long-term affordable and workforce rental housing through strategic new development and redevelopment; promote and support provision of affordable and workforce home purchase opportunities for County residents and workers; increase homeownership opportunities, develop strategies that promote regional housing collaboration and coordination as well as consider the unique housing and fiscal challenges in Prince George's County; and promote and encourage sustainable and vibrant communities, energy efficiency, thriving families and housing options for all.


Todd M. Turner
Dannielle M. Glaros
Derrick Leon Davis