Tax Credit Reform Commission


Welcome to the Prince George’s County Tax Credit Reform Commission web page.  In January 2018, the County Council’s Public Safety and Fiscal Management Committee held a briefing and policy discussion on tax credits and next steps. 

Section 506 of the Charter provides that the Council may appoint, for designated periods, one or more temporary advisory boards of citizens of the County who shall assist in the coordination of County policies and programs.

In February 2018, the Tax Credit Reform Commission was established by Council Resolution CR-009-2018, to review and analyze all existing and proposed tax credits in the County to determine the tax credit’s effectiveness, utilization, and efficacy in the County, and to recommend reform of the tax credit policy based on its review and deliberations.


Commission Members:

Linda Allen, Treasury Chief, Department of Finance
Theresa Dudley, President, Prince George's County Educators' Association (PGCEA)
Stanley Early, Director, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Turkessa Green, Deputy County Auditor, Audits and Investigations
David Harrington, President & CEO, Prince George's Chamber of Commerce
Thomas Himler, DCAO, Budget, Finance, Economic Development & Administration
David Iannucci, Assistant DCAO, Economic Development
Dwayne Mingo, Council Representative, Prince George's County Realtors Association
Andrew Pantelis, Chief, Fire Fighter Medic Battalion and Fire Department President
Christian Rhodes, Chief, Strategic & External Affairs, Prince George's County Schools
John Tabori, Member, Blue Ribbon Commission
John Teletcha, President, Prince George's County Police Department
Eric Watson, County Resident, Veteran's Commission
Agnes Diane Williams, County Resident, Commission on Aging


Council Members and Staff

Derrick Leon Davis, Council Member, District 6
Colette R. Gresham, Esq., Legislative Officer
Howard W. Stone, Jr. Committee Director, Public Safety and Fiscal Management
Maurice Simpson, Staff Assistant, Office of the Council Administrator