Grant Opportunities

For more information on how to apply for various grants, please visit the County Council Grants Office website.

Non-Departmental Grant

The FY 2020 Approved County Budget includes funding for grant allocations which are designated to non-profit organizations. These specific grants, which are referred to as Non-Departmental Designated Grants, as well as Non-Departmental Grants authorized in Exhibit 2 of the County's FY2020 Budget Ordinance(CB-27-2019), were made by the Council as a whole and further reflect and underscore the Council's firm commitment to building and maintaining a strong partnership with the County's non-profit service community. Citizen/community-based programs and services represent an important and critical component of the County's overall efforts to help address the human, social, education, recreation and other service needs that are central to building and maintaining strong communities.

Special Appropriation Grant

The FY 2020 Approved County Budget provides $100,000 in grant funds for each Council Member to designate and allocate to local County non-profit service organizations (501(c)(3) charities). These grants, which are referred to as Special Appropriation Grants are dispersed throughout the fiscal year and are part of the Council's continuing priority partnership with non-profit organizations that help support a wide range of vital programs and services to the County's citizens and communities.

Stormwater Stewardship Grant

The Prince George’s County Stormwater Stewardship Grant Program (PGCSSGP) funds on-the-ground restoration and program activities that improve communities and water quality and engages County residents in the restoration and protection of local waterways.

Domestic Violence Grant

The Prince George’s County Council, committed to ending domestic violence and abuse in the County, has appropriated $500,000 in FY 2020 in a fourth round of grant funding to support the Council’s Domestic Violence Grant Program.   The grant program, is a funding resource for programs that serve the housing, counseling, or advocacy needs of County residents who are victims of domestic violence.   The program also supports prevention activities through a coordinated and collaborative community response to domestic violence in Prince George’s County.

Stadium Impact Area Grant

Stadium Impact Area Mitigation Funds are allocated to nonprofit, charitable, civic, cultural or public organizations impacted by FedEx Field events. Organizations must be located in or provide services within the Stadium Impact Area.

Community Partnership Grant (CPG)

The Community Partnership Grant (CPG) program is the main discretionary grant initiative offered by the Office of the County Executive to qualified nonprofit organizations based upon a set of criteria, including the value added to the identified community, overall program costs, organizational stability and adequacy of other funding sources.

The County Executive’s FY 2019 approved budget contains approximately $1.6 million for competitive grants to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations based in or providing services in Prince George’s County.