Make a Difference in your Community...Your Count Matters!

In the 2010 Census count, District 8 communities lost over $45 million in federal funding annually.

Every 10 years, everyone living in the United states gets counted in the census. Your response helps make sure that more than federal funds is directed to District 8 each year to support education, health care, community funding, infrastructure planning, emergency response services, and more. Many decisions about where to send this money are based on census data. A complete and accurate count is also critical to determining how many representatives each state will have in Congress.

It's easier than ever to be counted!

EASY. You can complete your census survey by mail, phone, or online.

ACCESSIBLE. You can respond in 12 different languages over the phone or online.

SAFE. By law, your personal information is confidential, including citizenship and other sensitive data.

The Prince George's County Census team is developing tools and materials for your use. See www.PGCensus2020.org for more details and free downloadable material.

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