June 2 Primary Elections

For more information on the June 2nd Primary Elections, please visit our Board of Elections Home page.

​Hopefully, most of you have received your “vote by mail” ballots for the June 2, 2020 Primary. We encourage you to complete and return your ballot by mail OR by utilizing the Board of Elections “Drop Box” AND the drop boxes at the 4 election sites below, which will become available on May 21st. (**BUT WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND VOTE BY MAIL!!)​​

​Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Center
​7007 Bock Rd.
​Fort Washington, MD

​Kentland Community Center
​2413 Pinebrook Ave.
​Hyattsville, MD

​College Park Community Center
​5051 Pierce Ave.
​College Park, MD

​City of Bowie Gymnasium
​4100 Northview Dr.
​Bowie, MD 20716

Many of you may have noticed that the one 2-sided INSTRUCTION PAGE enclosed with your ballot is printed entirely in Spanish. The Maryland State Board of Elections acknowledged that approximately 90,000 Prince George’s voters were inadvertently sent instructions in SPANISH ONLY. We have been informed by the PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY Board of Elections that the STATE Board has mailed NEW instructions to those 90,000 votes, which should arrive at your home beginning the week of May 18th.

​Meanwhile, “Vote by Mail” instructions may be found on the County Board of Elections website: elections.mypgc.us.
​ Go to Prince George’s County 2020 Presidential Primary Election FAQs – OR click on the VOTE BY MAIL Video NOTES:

​Please complete your ballot in BLACK INK
​Many persons listed are no longer candidates; Only vote for CURRENT candidates
​Please print AND sign your name on the return envelope