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CountyClick 311 LogoCountyClick 311 is a one-stop call center that residents may call to get answers to questions and receive assistance with resolving non-emergency issues. This system makes it easier to reach county departments/services and greatly expands information available online. 311 allows citizens to have a quick, easy-to-remember, single point of access for non-emergency government information and services.

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Click on this graphic for a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Please note that walk-in or in-person information may be subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

What Happens After 311 is Contacted. The Call Center Representative will either provide you with the information you requested, or send a service request to the appropriate department or County agency on your behalf. You will be given a service case request number which you may track the progress of your request online or through a follow-up phone call. Call Center Representatives may also check the status of a service request, but the task of ensuring that a service request is resolved will be the responsibility of the department handling your request.

**Important Notes and Tips** Do not contact 311 repeatedly for the same service request. Always reference the original service request number if calling for the status of your request. Reporting the same complaint multiple times will create duplicate entries and place your service request at the back of the queue.

"Closed" Service Request. This often confuses residents seeking a status update. If your service request states that it is "CLOSED" in the CountyClick 311 system, this usually means your request has been forwarded to the responding agency (DPIE, DPW&T, DoE). If you receive a status of "CLOSED" from 311 and the work has not been addressed, DO NOT CALL IN A NEW SERVICE REQUEST for the same complaint. You may either contact the respective County Agency listed below or email our Constituent Services team for guidance or assistance at If you are contacting our office please provide the 311 reference number along with the best phone number to contact you.

Which Agency Handles That — DPIE, DoE or DPW&T?

DPIE, the Department of the Environment (DoE) and the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) frequently work cooperatively. The following chart defines the responsibilities for each:

DPIE logo and agency name spelled out

Director: Melinda Bolling,


Agency phone: 301-636-2000, 301-636-2020

DPIE is responsible for streamlining government operations in permitting, business licensing, inspection, property maintenance and code enforcement for residents and businesses in Prince George’s County.

Divisions include:

Permitting and Licensing — Processes building and site plan permits

Building Plan Review — Reviews plans for residential and commercial projects

Enforcement — Investigates code violations at residential, commercial and industrial properties to maintain the safety and aesthetic value of our communities

Inspections — Regulates construction, development and grading through inspection and enforcement of codes

Site/Road Plan Review — Reviews and approves site and roadway plans for proposed development and road improvement projects


DoE logo and agency name spelled out

Director: (Acting) Michelle Russell,


Agency phone: 301-883-5810

DoE’s core responsibilities include clean water services; flood prevention for buildings and structures; collecting waste and recycling; operating the County landfill; providing sustainability services to reduce greenhouse gas and emission; operating the animal services program including pet adoptions, operating the animal holding facility, issuing pet licenses, investigating cruelty complaints and conducting humane outreach and education events.

Divisions include:

Animal Services — Cares for the health and welfare of the County’s animal population

Resource Recovery — Manages the reduction, recycling, collection and disposal of solid waste

Sustainability — Works to move the County toward a sustainable tomorrow

Stormwater Management — Protects and restores water quality and stream systems and mitigate for flooding of structures


DPWT logo and agency name spelled out

Director: Terry Bellamy,


Agency phone: 301-883-5600

DPW&T is responsible for nearly 2,000 miles of County-maintained roadways, including 900 bridges, as well as shoulders, sidewalks, curbs/gutters, stormwater management facilities, driveway aprons and nearly 3,000 acres of grassy area. The agency is also charged with snow and ice removal, upgrading traffic signals, installing street lights, clearing fallen trees, unclogging drainage inlets, maintaining stormwater management facilities and roadway and sidewalk repairs.

Divisions include:

Office of Transportation — Operates the County public transportation system

Office of Engineering and Program Management — Implements the Capital Improvement Program, including roadway reconstruction, bridge replacement, pedestrian safety and intersection improvements

Office of Highway Maintenance — Provides highway infrastructure, litter control and stormwater management from maintenance shops in Brandywine, Forestville and Glenn Dale.