Pick It UP! Campaign


Prince George’s County has struggled with litter and illegal dumping. Roadside litter impacts the well-being of our committees and the beauty of our County.

As residents of Prince George's County, the Council District 4 team understands the role that everyone plays in keeping Prince George’s County safe and litter free.

Now is the time to be part of the solution, not the problem.

The Pick It UP! Campaign is an inaugural anti-litter and beautification initiative designed to bring awareness to the harmful impacts of littering through a targeted campaign. We strive to not only promote community activism but to instill civic pride through community clean-up drives and prevention educational efforts.

We can’t fix the litter problem overnight, but we should all do our part to help stop littering. Join us in creating a more clean, more green Council District 4.

Stay tuned for campaign updates. In the meantime, take the #D4PickItUp Campaign Pledge!

WATCH: Pick It UP! Campaign Launch Event Recap (via DCNewsNow)