Constituent Services

Colin Byrd
(301) 952-3860

Here at District 8, we provide a variety of community and outreach services that foster cooperation, find creative solutions, and promote active involvement within (and around) District 8. Having a vast network of social and government service agencies, HOA and Civic communities, businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations helps us to stay in touch with and be responsive to most situations that our residents may be facing.

We attend community meetings to stay informed on changes that affect the neighborhoods in our District. We meet one-on-one with citizens which includes visiting residents' homes to get a first-hand understanding of an issue. This facilitates finding the right resource for the right fix the first time.

We also provide individual and community crisis intervention. Daily we receive calls from residents needing guidance in those moments when they don't know where else to turn. We are committed to staying knowledgeable and having a reliable network of resources and social agencies who are ready to intervene and help our residents with finding solutions for real-life issues.

We are constantly researching and building our database of information so check back regularly for updates and new information.