Planning, Zoning and Economic Development (PZED)

Council Member Andrea C. Harrison serves as chair of the Council Committee on Planning, Zoning and Economic Development (PZED). 

In addition to handling issues and policies around County zoning and subdivision bills, and planning and land-use regulations, PZED is also responsible for reviewing the Economic Development Corporation’s budget and issues; Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning, which includes Bi-county issues, the Planning Department, Parks and Recreation and the Planning Board; and the People’s Zoning Counsel. PZED vice chair is Council Chair Dannielle M. Glaros.


  • Andrea C. Harrison, Chair
  • Mel Franklin, Vice-Chair
  • Dannielle M. Glaros
  • Obie Patterson
  • Karen R. Toles

Agency/Issue Review Responsibilities

  • Economic Development Corporation Budget & Issues
    • (Bi-County, Planning Department, Parks & Recreation and Planning Board)
  • People’s Zoning Counsel
  • Zoning Bills/Subdivision Bills
  • Others, if necessary​