Conceptual & Detailed Site Plan Review

For those zones or conditional zoning actions which require conceptual and/or detailed site plan review and approval, building permits cannot be issued until such plans are approved by the Planning Board. All construction and landscaping must meet the terms of the approved site plan.

Site plan review is the procedure by which the Planning Board and/or its technical staff review a developer's proposed site plan to assure that it meets the stated purposes and standards of the zone, provides for such necessary public facilities as roads and schools, and protects and preserves natural features and encourages the most desirable siting of structures, landscaping and other improvements.

Conceptual site plans establish the general arrangement of uses of lots, the circulation system, and those areas of the site to be conserved. A detailed site plan shows the proposed internal roads, pedestrian walks, parking areas, building relationships, landscaping, open space, recreation facilities, lighting, etc.

If a proposed site plan is rejected by the Planning Board, the applicant may appeal the Board's decision to the District Council or he may choose to present a revised plan for staff and Planning Board to review. The Board must be satisfied that the plan meets all the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Regulations before it will approve the site plan. Subdivision recordation can be refused if a site plan is not approved.