Implementation Programs

A number of programs have been utilized as a means of bridging the gap between Master Plan recommendations and day-to-day land development activities. These public policy documents typically focus on the funding of public service projects, the establishment of priorities in the expenditure of public funds, the scheduling of expenditures so as to bear a close relationship to anticipated revenues, and the coordination of activities when several departments or agencies are involved. Outlined below is one of the County's principal development related programs. The County's Capital Improvement Program, which is also a crucial implementation program, is described in Chapter IV of this handbook. (1) Community Development Program

This program (pursuant to CB-1O1-1987) establishes a coordinated and systematic County-wide plan to revitalize deteriorating communities, provide decent housing, maintain a suitable living environment, and expand economic opportunities for persons of low and moderate income. The Department of Housing and Community Development on behalf of the County Executive, submits a 5-year Housing and Community Development Consolidated Plan and also an annual Community Development Program.

5 Year Plan
The 5-year plan provides:
  • An assessment of housing and community development needs within appropriate sub-areas of the County (neighborhoods, census tracts, etc.)
  • A strategy for meeting revitalization, housing and economic development needs
  • An identification, by name and geographic boundaries, of the areas recommended for concentrated improvement efforts, with justification for each recommended area
  • Legible maps that show the distribution of households, substandard and deteriorated housing, and the location of all block grant projects
Annual Program
The annual program consists of the County's application for securing federal funds and provides:
  • A detailed description of recommended activities for the succeeding fiscal year
  • The estimated current year cost of each project, total cost of completion, and source of funding
  • The geographical boundaries and locations
  • Identification of the agency or combination of agency responsible for administering and/or implementing the recommended activities
Each annual program and 5-year plan is forwarded to the County Council on or before January 15. Upon receipt, the Council must act by resolution on either document within 60 calendar days. Upon Council approval, the County Executive forwards the plan (or program) to the designated federal agency for review and approval.