Special Events

The following events are recognized by the Prince George’s County Council annually, either through a special program and/or proclamation. 

  • Black History Month (February) 
  • Women's History Month (March) 
  • Bring Your Child to Work (April) 
  • County Government Week/Student Shadow Day (April)
  • Asian American Pacific Islander Month (May) 
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th - October 15th)

Individuals or groups interested in participating in Council special events/programs, please forward your name, title and contact information to the Prince George's County Council's Office of Communications to obtain additional information.


What is a Proclamation?

A proclamation is an official declaration recognizing individuals, businesses, organization or events that live or work in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Proclamations are written for the following:

  • Anniversaries, i.e. Church, Wedding, Pastor, Organizations
  • Awards
  • Birthday (60+)
  • Boy Scouts
  • Community Service
  • Eagle Scouts
  • In Memory
  • Public Safety
  • Retirements
  • Tributes
  1. Office of Communications

    Prince George's County Council

How to Request a Proclamation?

Proclamation requests should be received at least (5) days prior to the event to be scheduled for pickup, and ten (10) days if the request is for mail delivery. Please contact your Council Member’s Office directly or contact the Council Office of Communication via email at councilmedia@co.pg.md.us.

What is Needed for a Proclamation?

To assist facilitation of your Council proclamation request, please include event flyers, a biographical and background information, a web address and/related links, or written paragraph(s) regarding the individual, business, organization or event that will be the subject of the proclamation honor.  Please note the date when the proclamation is requested, and contact information, including a mailing address and email address.


Invocation Volunteers

If you are interested in participating in the Council Hearings by providing the Prayer Invocation, please forward your name, title and contact information to the Prince George's County Council's Office of Communications.