Health, Human Services and Public Safety (HHSPS)


Calvin S. Hawkins, II, Chair

Jolene Ivey, Vice-Chair

Mel Franklin

Sydney J. Harrison

Deni L. Taveras

Agency/Issue Review Responsibilities:

  • Family Services
  • Health
  • Social Services
  • Police and CCOP
  • Sheriff
  • State’s Attorney
  • Circuit Court & Orphan’s Court
  • Corrections
  • Fire/EMS Department/Volunteer Fire
  • Homeland Security

Boards and Commissions: Fire Commission, Board of Social Services, Commission for Individuals with Disabilities, Advisory Committee on Aging, Commission for Veterans, Commission for Women, Mental Health Advisory Committee, Commission for Children, Youth and Families, Youth Commission, Arts and Humanities Council, Adult Public Guardianship Review Board, Commission on Fathers, Men, and Boys

  1. Sandra Eubanks

    Committee Co-Director

  2. Howard Stone

    Committee Co-Director

  3. Leroy Maddox

    Legislative Officer

  4. Colette Gresham

    Legislative Officer

  5. Nathaniel Tutt

    Committee Aide

  6. Lochelle Ferguson

    Administrative Aide