The Operating Budget


General Requirements Pertaining to the Adoption of the Budget

According to Section 806 of the County Charter, the proposed operating expense budget shall contain:  (1) a statement of all revenue estimated to be received by the County during the ensuing fiscal year; (2) a statement of debt service requirements for the ensuing fiscal year; (3) a statement of the estimated surplus if any, and any estimated deficit in any fund required to be made up in the ensuing fiscal year; (3.1) the proposed expenditures of the Legislative Branch as submitted by the Council; (4) an estimate of the expenditures which the County Executive deems necessary for conducting the business of the County to be financed from and not to exceed estimated revenue for the ensuing fiscal year; (5) a statement of the bonded and other indebtedness of the County government; (6) a statement of the proposed contingency reserves; (7) a comparative statement of the actual revenues and expenditures for the last completed fiscal year; the budgeted and estimated revenues and expenditures for the currently ending fiscal year; and the projected revenues and expenditures recommended by the Executive for the ensuing fiscal year; (8) forecast of goods and services that would necessitate competitive biddding for the ensuing fiscal year; and (9) any other material which the County Executive may deem advisable or the Council may require by resolution.

Concurrent with the submission of the proposed annual operating budget, the County Executive shall submit to the County Council a report of all exempt positions pursuant to Section 902(2), (3), (4), (5), (9), and (13) of the Charter.  The report shall include the name of the incumbent and compensation for all such positions for the six-month period ending the prior March 1.  A second report for the six-month period September 1 shall be submitted not later than September 15 of each year.  A similar report shall be filed in the manner prescribed herein by the County Council for the Legislative Branch.