Security Exemption Review

A Security Exemption Plan is a request for a fence or wall which is over the allowable height or location.  In order to request a Security Exemption Review, please follow the instructions as if you were applying for a variance.  The variance application (linked below) includes a section for the review of a Security Exemption Plan.  

For further information on regulations, please see Section 27-6600 - Fences and Walls, of the Zoning Ordinance.

27-6610. Security Exemption Plan

(a)  A landowner in need of heightened security may submit to the Planning Director a security exemption plan proposing a fence or wall taller than those permitted by this Section, an electric fence, or proposing the use of barbed and/or razor wire atop a fence or wall for security reasons.

(b) The Board of Appeals may approve or approve with conditions, the security exemption plan, upon finding all of the following:

(1) Need for Safety or Security Reasons

The condition, location, or use of the land, or the history of activity in the area, indicates the land or any
materials stored or used on it are in significantly greater danger of theft or damage than surrounding
land, or represent a significant hazard to public safety without:

(A)     A taller fence or wall;
(B)     An electric fence; or
(C)     Use of barbed and/or razor wire atop a fence or wall.

(2)  No Adverse Effect

      The proposed fence or wall will not have a significant adverse effect on the security, functioning,
      appearance, or value of adjacent lands or the surrounding area as a whole.

(c)  If the Board of Appeals finds the applicant fails to demonstrate compliance with Sections 27-6610(b)(1) and 
      27-6610(b)(2) above, the security plan shall be disapproved.

Please note that County Code requires a safety rail be installed at the top of any wall over thirty (30) inches or higher per Subtitle 4, Building Code, Section 4-172 (a) and 2018 International Code, Section 1015.2., Guards 1.

This safety rail must be demonstrated on the Elevation plans and noted on the site plan for all requests for walls over the allowable height. 

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