Constituent Services

The Office of Council Member Taveras prides itself on prompt and personal responses to the constituent needs of the District 2 community. Code Enforcement, Zoning, Property Standards and Senior Affairs are among the vast list of constituent service needs our office will be able to assist you with.  If you have any concerns, please contact Lindsey Wright, Constituent Service and Outreach Liaison, for assistance at 301-952-4436 or by email at
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District 2- Celebrating Black History Month 
District 2- Economic Development and Community Building 
District 2- Legislative Wrap-Up
District 2- Thriving Communities Edition 
District 2- FY 2018 Budget and CAC Awards  
District 2- Budget Listening Sessions and Non-Profit Collaborations 
District 2- Black History Month and Zoning Rewrite 
District 2- Code Enforcement and Public Safety Forums 
District 2- Gavel Exchange and Resolution Denouncing Discrimination in PGC 
District 2 -Year in Review
District 2- Legislative Update and Community Listening Session  
District 2- Working towards Cleaner and Safer Neighborhoods 
District 2- Bi-County Diwali Festival 
District 2- State of the District 
District 2- FY 2017 County Budget 
District 2- Rainier Manor II Groundbreaking and Budget Listening Sessions 
District 2- Small Business & Entrepreneurship Event and Senior Meet & Greet Tours 
District 2- Property Tax Reassessment Information Forum 
District 2- Council Retreat and Public Safety 
District 2- 2015 Legislative Update and Net Zero Homes
District 2- Proposed Transit District Overlay Zoning Map Amendment and Senior Fall Fling
District 2- Proposed Legislation and Community Meet & Greets 
District 2- First Annual Town Hall and Shared Priorities
District 2- FY 2016 Budget
District 2- FY 2016 Budget Hearings and Community Open House for Transit District Development Plan at Prince George's Plaza 
District 2- Budget and Community Listening Sessions 

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