Continous Business Process Improvement Study


Transformative Partnership for World-Class Education
Educating our children to compete in a global economy remains a critical element to the success of Prince George’s County.   A world-class 21st century school system is a shared priority for all of us, and we are committed to working together to create more high-performing schools.  

Now more than ever, as we focus on the great future of our county, residents, parents, educators, elected officials and all stakeholders are collaborating to ensure our school system operates at optimal levels, and that we provide a world-class education that produces the leaders of tomorrow.

The long-awaited Continuous Business Process Improvement Study, also called the Performance Audit, is the first comprehensive assessment of County school operations in 18 years.   This initiative reflects a transformative partnership between the County Council, County Executive, Board of Education, CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools, and all stakeholders to ensure appropriate operations in five key areas of our Public Schools System:   Human Resources, Curriculum and Instruction, Supporting Services, Business and Management Services, and Information Technology.   

Prince George's County Public Schools is doing great things and constantly improving.  This is an opportunity for our County and the district to do better, and offers a critical barometer for progress as we continue our work together to achieve the world-class school system our students and Prince George’s County deserve.

The Continuous Business Process Improvement Study, a continuous and ongoing process, will result in a more efficient and effectively run education system and ensure the highest return on the significant investment citizens consistently make in education in Prince George’s County.  


The Process and Project Team

This project extends much beyond the typical audit, which confirms or verifies dollar amounts spent.  The Continuous Business Process Improvement Study is charged with examining the way resources are applied; determining the efficiency and effectiveness of the application; and assessing whether the desired results are being achieved.  A “performance audit” covers each and all of these objectives.

Project consultants were chosen through a deliberate review and selection process. A joint Proposal Analysis Group (PAG) comprised of County Government and County School officials carefully evaluated potential firms, and we are confident that the selected consultants met or exceeded the requirements defined in this process. 

Ernst and Young (EY)/Parthenon specializes in education, working with some of the largest and most influential school systems across the nation and around the world, including the New York City Department of Education, District of Columbia Public Schools, Boston Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, Louisiana Recovery School District, Delaware Department of Education, and the Abu Dhabi Education Council.  The EY/Parthenon Team has assigned a number of professionals and employed a wide range of the company’s resources to this project.

UPD Consulting offers more than 20 years of public and private sector experience to the Project Management Team, including work with the Detroit Public Schools System, Miami/Dade Public Schools, District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Philadelphia/Camden Empowerment Zone.  UPD has 36 full-time employees working in the Baltimore/Washington area.

Strategic Solutions Center (SSC), headquartered in Prince George’s County, provides the local level component.  SSC has an intimate understanding of local community issues and needs, and offers considerable experience with state, county and local governments and education systems at all levels.

Based on collaboration between the County Government and County Schools, critical areas of school operations were carefully selected for review and included as the scope for the project.  Previous audits conducted by the CEO’s Transition Team and the State’s Office of Legislative Audits (OLA), as well as problem areas recognized by elected officials, the administration, and citizens were factored in the determination of the scope.  To complete and implement the project in a timely manner and effectuate change, the nature of the scope was limited, however additional areas will be covered by future performance audits, as this project is the first step in a continuous and ongoing improvement initiative.

Included in the scope of the engagement and as part of their review, the project management team is working to determine whether recommendations from the most recent audits of our schools have been implemented.  Unlike previous audits where recommendations were made, but no action was taken, this Performance Audit will produce meaningful results with actionable recommendations.

It is important to note that information collected for the audit is not the same information required for State funding under the Bridge to Excellence Act of 2002 (Thornton).  Although some of the information collected may be similar, or crossover for what is needed for State funding under Thornton, this audit project extends beyond a financial or compliance audit.  Processes and operations will be reviewed related to each of the focus areas, and determinations will be made about whether we are functioning effectively and efficiently.  This will not be a simple checklist for compliance with a funding formula.

Watch the County Council/Board of Education Joint Briefing on the Continuous Business Improvement Study 11-14-2016