Each year the Prince George's County Council appropriates funds to support non-profit organizations throughout the County in the form of Special Appropriation Grants. Each Council Member has their own process for distributing grant funding.


Past grant support from District 7 does not influence future grant funding, but if you have received a District 7 Special Appropriations Grant in the past, please include information about how that money was used.


If you would like to apply for a Special Appropriations grant from my office, please view the County Council Grant Process.  Detailed instructions and the application can be found in documents 1-5 under Grant Processing Procedures.


Completed applications for a District 7 Special Appropriations Grant are due to County Council Grants Office by September 30 each year. However, applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis throughout the fiscal year. Be sure to include my name under "9C) Grant Application to Council Member." Also, please send an email to alert my office that your grant application has been submitted to the Grants Office. District 7 Grant 

Applications should be submitted to:

All other correspondence should continue to be emailed to: