County Council Member Burroughs' Priority Legislation

(1) CB-29-2022 (See Here)

AN ACT CONCERNING A PROPERTY TAX CREDIT FOR ELDERLY INDIVIDUALS for the purpose of establishing a property tax credit for certain elderly individuals.

(2) CB-032-2022 (See Here)

AN ACT CONCERNING A PILOT PROJECT LABOR AGREEMENT for the purpose of establishing a pilot project labor agreement targeting Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation CIP 4.66.0002 Curb and Road and Rehabilitation 2 construction projects that create entry-level positions for residents that are both necessary and desirable.

(3) CB-033-2022 (See Here)

AN ACT CONCERNING PREVAILING WAGE EXPANSION for the purpose of expanding prevailing wage requirements to include rehabbing, resurfacing, pavement milling, routine operations and mechanical systems service contracts; adopting the State prevailing wage law regarding the contract threshold limit; amending the definition of a public works project to include projects that receive in whole or part a payment in lieu of taxes; and requiring best efforts to hire Prince George’s County residents for at least 25% of the new jobs to complete the contract for construction that exceeds the prevailing wage threshold.

(4) CB-027-2022 (See Here)

AN ACT CONCERNING THE PREVAILING WAGE RATE NOTICE for the purpose of providing the prevailing wage determinations to be publicly posted on the homepage of the Wage Determination Board’s website to improve accessibility and transparency of the decisions of the Board.

(5) CB-019-2022 (See Here)

AN ACT CONCERNING DISPLACED SERVICE EMPLOYEES PROTECTION for the purpose of protecting displaced service employees when a service contract changes awarding authorities or successor entities; providing that a new contractor offer employment to said incumbent employees for the first 90 days of the new contract.