County Council Retreat 

Welcome to the 2024 Prince George’s County Council Annual Retreat web portal!  The Council conducted its retreat “One County, One Council - United We Thrive!,” on Monday, January 8 and Tuesday, January 9. For the first time, the retreat featured a bus tour each day with stops in all the County’s nine Council Districts. The tour provided an invaluable opportunity for Council Members to gain insight into neighboring districts while engaging with County leaders, business owners, and residents in the communities where they work and live.    


"One County, One Council - United, We Thrive"

“The Council’s 2024 Annual Retreat is an opportunity for members to gain firsthand knowledge about the challenges and triumphs faced by each of our districts. Our goal is to build bridges and strengthen relationships across district lines that will ultimately inform our decision-making and help shape this year’s legislative agenda.” - Council Chair Jolene Ivey

“It is important that Council Members understand the challenges constituents face in districts across the County, and that we work together in a positive way to address those issues. The Council’s annual retreat and two-day bus tour covering the County helps position us to achieve this important goal.”Council Vice Chair Sydney Harrison


To view additional photos from the 2024 Council Retreat, please visit the Prince George's County Council's Flickr page.


Prince George's Community Television speaks to members of the Prince George's County Council about the 2024 Council Retreat.