Responsible Legacy Task Force

The Prince George’s County Responsible Legacy Task Force, established by Council Resolution-81-2019, revised by CR-9-2020 and extended by CR-71-2021, was charged with reviewing all County monuments, parks, street names, County buildings and other places of honor, and creating a process to determine the future of names linked to a prejudiced past.  

Prince George’s County Responsible Legacy Task Force was composed of the following eight (8) members:

  • Hon. Joseph A. Solomon, Chair, Maryland Municipal League/Prince George’s County Municipal Association (Appointed by County Council)


  • Hon. Gloria Lawlah, Vice Chair (Appointed by County Executive)


  • Dr. Jennifer Stabler, Archeology Master Planner | Historic Preservation Section, Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission


  • Mr. Michael Gannon, Chief Operating Officer for Support Services, Prince George’s County Memorial Library System


  • Ms. Courtney Glass, Program Manager, Policy and Legislation, Prince George’s County Department of Public Works & Transportation


  • Dr. David Reed, Professor, Bowie State University


  • Ms. Jacqueline B. Woody, General Public Member


  • Mr. Timothy Moorehead, General Public Member


  • Hon. Todd M. Turner, Council Member – 4th Council District, Ex-Officio


The Responsible Legacy Task Force held monthly in virtual meetings beginning in October 2020, heard presentations, and discussed best practices with representatives from surrounding jurisdictions, community and governmental partners and experts in the field.  Task Force members researched names given to monuments, parks, streets, county buildings, and other places of honor in our County and sought to provide the Council with a fair and reasonable process to determine the legacy of names linked to a prejudiced past. 

Latest News

The Task Force presented the Responsible Legacy Task Force Final Report and Recommendations to the County Council Members in Session on September 6, 2022.

The Responsible Legacy Task Force Final Report and Recommendations
The Responsible Legacy Task Force Presentation

Watch the video presentation below:

Task Force Progress

The Responsible Legacy Task Force preliminarily identified the following criteria to evaluate the conduct of names:

Conduct Unbecoming or Offensive: 
Views and statements below are most compelling when they are morally repugnant and create an environment that harms individuals of a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or class.

  • Confederates 
  • Confederate Sympathizers
  • Slave Ownership
  • Harmful Views and Statements
  • Racist Views and White Supremacy
  • Misogyny
  • Economic Disenfranchisement
  • Discriminatory Practices Against Indigenous People
  • Discriminatory Practices Against the LGBTQ Community

Honorable or Good Conduct:
Honorable conduct should strive for parity and inclusivity in celebrating all groups represented within the County.

  • Trailblazers: First to accomplish a major achievement
  • Impactful to the County: Includes but is not limited to sports and entertainment figures, community officials, and community members
  • Commitment to Public Service
  • Activists, Heroes, Resistors, Martyrs, and Protagonists: Individuals who fought against dishonorable conduct
  • Educators, Self-Sacrificing Individuals, Aspirational Figures, Service Members and Law Enforcement

The Responsible Legacy Task Force is working to ensure that Prince George's County’s legacy is one of equality, diversity and inclusion, and invites YOUR participation in this process.