Largo Town Center Development Board


Board Purpose

The Largo Town Center Development Board was established to implement land use and policy recommendations for the development of land within the 2013 Largo Town Center Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment area, including a new regional medical campus as a major public health institution.
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CR-032-2014 (PDF) states that the County Council has determined that a multi-agency, public-private partnership is needed to undertake an in-depth assessment of all recommendations in the plan, evaluate existing conditions, and recommend a strategic implementation plan that maximizes development potential within the Largo Town Center plan area, builds consensus of vision in the community, and provides procedural certainty of process.

Member Directory

Dr. Jacqueline Brown, Chair
  • Armin Groeshel
  • Catherine Jones
  • Charles Renninger
  • David Iannucci
  • Donny James
  • Dr. Rodney Harrell
  • John Lupo
  • Kelvin Robinson
  • Kenneth Baker
  • Kierre McCune
  • Larry Hentz
  • Louise McNairn
  • Mark Wasserman 
  • Nellvenia Johnson